Kanshigumi: The Ivory Lotus

To Ikoma Yasuaki


Sensei, in this time when the fresh grass glistens, I trust that you are doing well. I apologize for neglecting to write immediately upon my arrival. I have accepted the honor of leading fourth squad, and I fear I have not yet adjusted to the new workload.

You asked me to tell you the details of my new assignment. We have been graciously allotted room at the Temple of Daikoku’s Smile in the Crane district of the capital. Our host is a patient Four Temples monk named Benben. He has kindly shared some of the temple history with me, although I think I shall visit the Clan library to see what other information might be there. The tale was somewhat disturbing. I will not retell it here in case you know it, for I do not wish to waste your time. If you do not know the history, I will of course recount it in my next letter.

My squad is as follows:

  • First Patrol, led by myself
    • Shiba Hanako
    • Mirumoto Genzaburo
    • Hida Takao
    • Soshi Kamo
  • Second Patrol, led by Kaiu Narikatsu
    • Ikoma Tonagawa
    • Hitomi Roku
    • Kitsune Genji
    • Toku Koyuki

The position is unexpectedly complicated. No one seems quite certain what our tasks and responsibilities are. I had hoped that we would be receiving firmer guidance upon our arrival, but I met Seppun Denjiro-dono only briefly. There is much that is still vague about our position, from hierarchy to finances, and the squad now looks to me to sort things out. I will not disgrace the family.

I must go now, but I will write again soon. Please continue to favor me with your guidance.


Ikoma Mirai


kitsuki kitsuki

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