Suzume Mayū

"There once was a farmer whose rice would not grow..."


Earth: 2 (Will 3), Water: 2, Fire: 3, Air: 2 (Aw 3), Void: 2

Advantages: Ebisu's Blessing (3)

Disadvantages: Gullible (3)

Skills: Calligraphy 2, Etiquette 2, Kenjutsu 3, Kyujutsu 1, Lore: History 3, Meditation 2, Storytelling 3, Theology (Shintao) 2

Glory: 1.0 Honor: 3.5 Status: 1.0

Kata: Striking as Fire

School Techniques: All Things in Time – lower initiative to raise TNtbH by 1/2 that number (no more than 2x Reflexes), may not be used when making Full Attack, Free Raise on Lore: History

Equipment: Katana, wakizashi, light armor, kimono, zori, traveling pack (bottle of water, daisho stand, pillow book [history], cup, whetstone, straw cloak, sumi-e kit, 4 bu)



While the major clans were expected to provide several samurai to fill the ranks of the Kanshigumi, the Suzume had to fight for the privilege of a slot. But fight they did, and Suzume Mayū is proud to be their representative – not that you'd ever know that.

She is normally very quiet and deferential. Her bows are never perfunctory head nods. She smiles and laughs behind her hand. The one kimono she owns is an obvious hand-me-down, frayed in places but well cared for. Her other outfit consists of hakama and haori. The hakama appear to be older, but the haori is stiffly new, a gift from her parents when she left home.

She never buys food or drink when the group goes out for meals. She brings a small stoppered bottle and cup with her, from which she sips demurely. If pressed by a shop owner, she will bow and offer to leave. (No one has yet insisted that she leave while she was with the other members of the Kanshigumi.)


(Picture is Miyazaki Aoi as the title character in NHK’s Taiga Drama Atsuhime.)

Suzume Mayū

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