Ikoma Mirai

"起承転結..." *



Having spent much of her childhood as a “guest” of a Unicorn household with whom her family had been feuding, Mirai is even odder than most Ikoma. An aging Omoidashi* went with the young hostage, and it is to him that Mirai owes her training.

Upon her return to her family at age sixteen, the young woman found herself at a bit of a loss. Compared to the Moto and Utaku with whom she had spent most of her youth, the strictures of Lion culture were very different. Moreover, she was used to splitting her time between history lessons and rampaging about the plains with others her age. This world in which her time was generally not her own at all and where rampaging of any sort was frowned upon took some adjustment. Still, she had dreamed of returning and eagerly adjusted her behavior to conform.

In spite of her efforts, an incident at the family shrine to Tsi Xing Guo left her something of a pariah, branded with the displeasure of both the Fortune of Steel and her kin. When the call went out for young men and women to fill the ranks of the new police force in the capital, they quickly volunteered her, sending her off with a substandard katana made by an apprentice, so as not to anger the Fortune.

  • “Ki shou ten ketsu…” – Literally, “introduction, development, turn, conclusion.” Order is important, in both stories and actions. Closest English equivalent is probably “Don’t put the cart before the horse.”
  • Omoidasu is a verb. Sorry. It bugs me.

Ikoma Mirai

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