Daidoji Naoto

"No enemy can harm me as effectively as I can harm myself. Worry about your own moves before you worry about your opponent's."


Daidoji Naoto was given as a yojimbo to Doji Hideyasu upon the appointment of the latter to the Kanshigumi. Although the Doji is a bushi and perfectly competent with his katana, his father – annoyed that Bayushi Tatsuo was given official leadership of first squad – wished to make a statement about Hideyasu's position.

Naoto attends any function that his charge does, but sits behind the Doji or near the door and rarely speaks at such things. When he is not needed, he can often be found practicing with one of the several weapons he knows how to wield. He is often seen playing with a miniature shogi set, either with an opponent or against himself when no one else is available.

Naoto's father heads a dojo, with older brother Horikawa poised to take over as the old man nears retirement.

He wears a netsuke of light wood fashioned into a likeness of Benten.

(Picture is Odagiri Joe as Hajime Saitou in NHK's Taiga Drama "Shinsengumi!")

Daidoji Naoto

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