Bayushi Tatsuo

"I wish to build a bridge for those two men at the river."


Bayushi Tatsuo is the leader of the Kanshigumi first squad operating in the Jūjiro neighborhood of the Dragon district in Toshi Ranbo. His mask is a simple red cloth with the character for "truth" over his mouth. He speaks quietly, but he smiles often, evidenced by laugh lines around his eyes. The items which take pride of place in his room are a copy of Bayushi Tangen's Lies and a laquered box which holds his tea implements. On the lid of the pine box in which his tea bowl rests, simple brush strokes say Yama no Hoshizora (Starry Sky over Mountains).

His marriage to Bayushi Mayumi took place just two months before he left Scorpion lands for his new post. Mayumi is only fourteen. Her family, though it has little prestige, holds a fortune in fertile rice farms.

(Art by silveryfox of deviantART. The idea for the mask belongs to the player of Shosuro Tetsuhiko from AnT, but I have no idea who that is. I use it because both the picture and the mask are cool.)

Bayushi Tatsuo

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