Every clan wants as much control in the new capital as they can get. Jealously guarding dominion over their own city sections, they do whatever they can to creep tendrils of influence into the other clans. The Imperial families want to limit the power of the clans and retain Toshi Ranbo as their province. In other words, it’s capital politics as usual.

But some feel that the city needs a unified police force that can work for the good of the Emperor instead of only for clan interests. The theory is that a group dedicated to the policing the city, while still representing various clans, can bring impartial justice about through cooperation. The reality may not be so rosy.

At street level, the heroes must face petty crime and intra-squad politics. They don’t even have time to worry about grander schemes. Yet.

(A Legend of the Five Rings game set in a slightly alternate world. See wiki for details.)

Kanshigumi: The Ivory Lotus

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