The Shosuro Daimyo Family Tree

Shosuro Hametsu had two sons. Yudoka is as the books describe with one minor change: he was never daimyo. Trust us. He's happier that way. Shosuro Omi, the craftier and prettier of the two boys, took the family reigns when Hametsu-dono died in the Burning Sands.

Shosuro Omi, known as the Little Gardener, married a Unicorn shugenja, Iuchi Karuko. They had three children: Hametsu (he just did that to bug his father), Kachiko (she just did that because she was full of herself), and Natsuko.

  • Omi died in his sleep when Hametsu II was in his early twenties.
  • Karuko died defending Toturi III from a Shadowlands attack, killing the former Unicorn Shahai in the process.
  • Hametsu II became a ninja like his uncle and took leadership of the family with his bride Tsuki (formerly Ikoma). He has three children, the oldest of which is a daughter closing in on gempukku age.
  • Kachiko married into the Doji family. She and her husband both disappeared under suspicious circumstances. They had one son who was fostered out to Doji relatives.
  • Natsuko married a Dragon magistrate, Kitsuki Taka. Taka is currently Imperial Chancellor and his wife is the Emperor's favorite playwright—so she'll tell you. They have one son.

Moreover,  the family has deliberately kept the identity of the daimyo vague. This tradition began with Omi, but his son continues it. The Scorpion are mostly aware that Hametsu is daimyo, especially in the higher echelons of the clan, but among other clans rumors constantly circulate. Some are mundane: Yudoka took over after Omi's death. Some are fantastic: Omi returned from the grave as a blessed ancestor because he was unhappy with his son's handling of family affairs. Since Hametsu wears a full face mask that even covers his eyes (as Bayushi Shoju once did) few can positively identify him.

(Dates will be added just as soon as I sort out the timeline.)

The Shosuro Daimyo Family Tree

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