The Multiple Ways The CCG Screwed The Emperor

Toturi Naseru is still the Emperor, damn it. Enough with the upheaval; let's have some story at PC level, okay?

  • Tsudao did, in fact, die. Sorry. We like Naseru better.
  •  Sezaru is still the Voice of the Emperor and still being reticent and strange in Phoenix lands. He has not made an appearance in years, instead sending representatives to the Emperor's court (currently Asako Shikimi). He does apparently still correspond with his brother, Toturi III.
  • Kaneka did become shogun. He was killed one night when an unknown intruder ambushed and poisoned him. (Hametsu II was publicly blamed for the death of the shogun by Kitsuki Taka and was taken into custody. However, Toturi III exonerated the Shosuro Daimyo, leaving no room for further questions into the matter.)
  • Moto Chagatai did attack the capital, but his army was repelled and he was killed in the battle.
  • Toturi III did go searching for Enlightnement. He ended up in the Shadowlands, but was retrieved by a team led by Shosuro Hametsu.

The CCG isn’t responsible for everything, though. We can also blame modern sensibilities and PC for a few things. One of the standard perks of being the head honcho in many medieval societies was the harem, whether it was official or just an accepted practice. In Nippon, it was official and so it is in our Rokugan. Prurient matters aside, it was more about keeping the bloodline intact. Rokugan being what it is, there are fewer concerns over infant and child mortality, but women can still be barren and even children who make it to adulthood can prove themselves incompetent. Offspring from multiple sources helps to insure some competition. This is especially true for a new bloodline such as the Toturi. Naseru can’t afford any weak links.

Obviously, in those eras when the Empress has been the dominant personality on the throne, things were slightly different. However, any Empress who found that her husband could not provide her heirs for whatever reason was well within her rights to look elsewhere for someone who could.

This adds a nice layer of political intrigue to the Imperial Court. Sure, the Lion managed to get one of their own into the big house, but that doesn’t mean the Crane are left to seethe until the next Emperor succeeds. They can fill up the harem with their girls, as can the other Clans and the Imperial families. This also means that, even if the Empress provides capable heirs, a favorite concubine may still be able to catch the Emperor’s ear and sway policy in a direction favorable to her Clan. However, mistakes – such as a concubine’s affair with someone else becoming public – can have catastrophic results for her Clan in the court.

The Multiple Ways The CCG Screwed The Emperor

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