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 First, I'd like to say a word or five about our Rokugan. There is canon and then, sometimes, there isn't. We're going to try and put some of the most glaring differences under the appropriate category below (See "Canon? What Canon?") but we do not promise that every one of them will be found there. Also, we sometimes find a particular aspect of traditional Japanese culture of great interest or feel that we simply need more detailed information on an aspect than the game books provide. In those cases, we do a bit of research, mash and mold, and come up with something that resembles the historical precedent but incorporates Rokugan, neatly corrupting both. Many of these are found below as well. (Many thanks to Bookkeeper, who is writing what amounts to several short research papers for this wiki.)

The crux of all this is that you may find things a bit unfamiliar here. Don't panic.




Canon? What Canon?

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