Haru no Mikka


"Three Days in Spring" is a teahouse in the hanamachi (geisha quarter) of Toshi Ranbo, located in the Scorpion district and run by a formidable little woman named Etsuko. It caters to variety of local geisha, from purely average to you-can't-afford-me. There are nightly parties with guests from all the major clans and Imperial families. These are all private affairs.

Most of the time, one must be introduced to a geisha by someone who already knows her. One does not shop for geisha as though they were prostitutes in caged windows on the street. However, getting an introduction is not an overly complex matter. Keeping her attention once you've got it is another matter entirely, especially if she is a well-known entertainer.

While there are rumors of Scorpion geisha houses that cater to women, offering up pretty young men in white and blue paint to sing or play for guests, none exist in the capital. Haru no Mikka is a world of men.

Haru no Mikka

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