Family of Yamizu

Mother: Asahina Gesa
Father: Isawa Totomi
Brother 1: Isawa Shinkiro
Brother 2: Isawa Tamo
Brother 3: Isawa Kiyuzo

Yamizu: The eldest of his three brothers and the heir of the family. His parents have high hopes for him, and thus were both as ecstatic as could be when he recieved word to head for the Capital to become part of the Kanshigumi. His parents had arranged a betrothal for him, before he was sent to Toshi Ranbo. Then they decided he deserved better, and began a new search. So far they have not turned up much, as his mother has become much more picky.

Asahina Gesa: In a good, but loveless relationship with Agasha Totomi, and sired four children (the three brothers above, as well as ther eldest, Isawa Yamizu).

Isawa Totomi: One of the two people in the family that do not possess the talent to speak with the revered Kami. he instead makes his living as a Bushi, serving as a bodyguard for Isawa Nakamuro, memeber of the Elemental Council.

Isawa Shinkiro: One of Yamizu's brothers. He shows promise as a shugenja, but not quite the knack Yamizu has, and therefore is unintentionally down-trodden by his parents, instead favoring to praise Yamizu.

Isawa Tamo: The youngest of the family, but still hopeful. He aspires to become a shugenja as well, and unknowingly idolizes Yamizu. Outwardly, he appears to despise him, mostly from denial.

Family of Yamizu

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