Family of Shunsen

Yoritomo Shunsen's family is only in its third generation as samurai.  The family was founded when Hasakura (b. 1100) was adopted by Yoritomo back during the Mantis' days as a minor clan.  Hasekura married Yukiko, daughter of a member of Yoritomo's Storm Legion.

Hasekura and Yukiko had five children:  Hogakura (born in 1131), Miho (born in 1132), Masato (born in 1134), Yoshi (born in 1135), and Maiko (born in 1137).  Miho married a member of the Daidoji Trading Council and Maiko married another Yoritomo, staying within the clan. 

In 1148, Hasekura went into semi-retirement and became one of the samurai managers of Heaven's Bank Hold.  Hogakura then took a posting as a harbormaster in Koutetsukan, the Imperial Harbor.  In the same year, he married Yasuki Namika.

Hogakura and Namika have had seven children (a contributing factor in Hogakura's promotions at Koutetsukan): Shunsen (b. 1149), Yuriko (b. 1150), The first set of twins – Jiro and Keiji (b. 1154), Kenta (b. 1157), and the second set of twins – Susumu and Ayame (b. 1160).

Of Hogakura's children, Shunsen, Yuriko, Jiro, and Keiji have undergone their gempuku ceremonies.  Kenta is in training at Dojo Raiden and the youngest twins have begun training at the Yoritomo Courtier Dojo.

Family of Shunsen

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