Tag: peasant


  • Yoshi


    Headman of the Jūjiro neighborhood in the Dragon district of Toshi Ranbo, owns Kiri no Kioku.

    (Picture is Xu Zhu as Bianlian Wang in The King of Masks.)

  • Hayao

    Hayao comes across as serious and unsmiling, but he does like hanging out with people. His generally welcoming disposition and the fact that he will now and then hand out snacks to anybody who happens to be gathered around his shop mean that …

  • Midori

    Midori runs Hayai Kame with her husband, Shuzo. She is properly humble about everything except her cooking, and she proudly boasts that you will find no better noodles elsewhere in the city. Her pride is not without merit.

     She is …

  • Aiko

    In her mid-thirties, this woman works at Iyashite Kudasai. Her son, [[:Kanjiro]], also works there.

    Although  no one is rude enough to rub her face in it by talking about it in front of her, it is well known among the local populace that …

  • Kanjiro

    This boy works at Iyashite Kudasai with his mother, Aiko. He looks about twelve years old.

    He recently fell in with a group of young yakuza who promised him that he would be able to help buy medicine for his ailing …

  • Kei

    Kei is a "singing collector," who wanders around the streets belting his easily identifiable singsong "Let's trade!" and offering sweets and small, handmade toys to children in exchange for bits of metal that they've found, which he then sells for a few …