Tag: Scorpion


  • Bayushi Tatsuo

    Bayushi Tatsuo is the leader of the Kanshigumi first squad operating in the Jūjiro neighborhood of the Dragon district in Toshi Ranbo. His mask is a simple red cloth with the character for "truth" over his mouth. He …

  • Yogo Sakae

    A Yogo born with green eyes is a recognized irony among the Scorpion, who normally believe such coloring to be a sign of celestial favor and luck. Still, some among the family hold that those children are more likely to escape the famed curse, or at least …

  • Bayushi Ittoku

    Ittoku does not understand why his younger cousin Tatsuo got to be leader of first squad while he is stuck taking orders from a Matsu in ninth squad and is willing to share his dismay with anyone who will sit still for it. He wears a kitsune half mask.

  • Soshi Kamo

    Soshi Kamo’s odd approach to the notion of the Scorpion mask notwithstanding, is a shugenja of good reputation within his clan. His distinct (his sensei occasionally used the word “outlandish”) appearance is a bit off-putting to more traditional samurai, …