Tag: Lion


  • Akodo Isamu

    (Picture is of Tanihara Shousuke as Tokugawa Tsunayoshi in Fuji TV's drama "Oh-Oku," Season 5.)

  • Matsu Haketa

    Haketa is the oldest child in his family. Unfortunately for him, his two younger siblings are girls and he is a Matsu. As a result, when the call went out for capable samurai for a new Imperial police force, his parents were only too happy to offer up …

  • Ikoma Sayuri

    Not quite the mousy scholar or blustering epic poet most people expect of an Ikoma, Sayuri nonetheless knows her history well. She is not especially comfortable regaling others with battle tales, however, and would much prefer to make the stories others …

  • Ikoma Tonogawa

    Ikoma Tonogawa is the second son of Ikoma Tendo, governor of the City of the Rich Frog. Tendo's family is one of the wealthiest and most powerful family lines in the Lion Clan, with Tendo himself seen as a possible heir to the Ikoma Daimyo in the event …