Tag: Dragon


  • Kitsuki Atsumori

    Atsumori isn't quite sure how to take being instructed to volunteer his house as a camp for the Jūjiro neighborhood Kanshigumi. On one hand, it could be viewed as an honor. On the other, it might be a punishment for something he doesn't know he did. For …

  • Mirumoto Kaido

    Mirumoto Kaido lives in the Furukawa Neighborhood of Toshi Ranbo's Dragon District with his parents and wife.

  • Mirumoto Genzaburo

    Mirumoto Genzaburo seems a man on edge. Perhaps that is because he comes from a well-known dueling school and has been assigned to police a Crane district. Perhaps it is because he was gifted with one of the rare Twin Sister Daisho upon his gempuku …