Yogo Sakae

"Anzuru yori umu ga yasashii."*


A Yogo born with green eyes is a recognized irony among the Scorpion, who normally believe such coloring to be a sign of celestial favor and luck. Still, some among the family hold that those children are more likely to escape the famed curse, or at least trigger only a mild manifestation. Yogo Sakae is not holding her breath.

Since arriving at the Kitsuki estate that houses first squad, she has been spending a great deal of time with Suzume Mayƫ and the two appear to be hitting it off. Other than that, she sits quietly near Bayushi Tatsuo, rarely offering comment.

*Japanese proverb meaning “Giving birth to a baby is easier than worrying about it.”

(Picture is by harmony.regamey and used under Creative Commons. Original found here.)

Yogo Sakae

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