Soshi Kamo

"I wear no mask? What, then, do I really look like?"


Sushi Kamo looks more like he belongs on a kabuki stage than in a samurai court. His wig and makeup are ever present, though he has a selection of fine black and red kimono to accompany them. He even wears the white kabuki makeup on his hands, though he powders them carefully to keep from leaving marks on what he touches.


Soshi Kamo’s odd approach to the notion of the Scorpion mask notwithstanding, is a shugenja of good reputation within his clan. His distinct (his sensei occasionally used the word “outlandish”) appearance is a bit off-putting to more traditional samurai, and his own taciturn nature means he is not given to small talk, but never hesitates to respond to queries.

He is the only son of a Soshi and a Shosuro Magistrate, which gave him an interest in law that had to take a back seat to priestly duties when his talent for communing with the Kami was discovered. When the Scorpion began choosing samurai for the Kanshigumi, Kamo volunteered.

Soshi Kamo

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