Matsu Haketa

"All the cheerfulness the spirits had to give our family was earmarked for me, leaving my older brother with anger or melancholy. He took the anger." -Matsu Hibana


Haketa is the oldest child in his family. Unfortunately for him, his two younger siblings are girls and he is a Matsu. As a result, when the call went out for capable samurai for a new Imperial police force, his parents were only too happy to offer up their oldest.

His reputation paints the picture of a man tightly controlled and all business, with not an ounce of mercy once a fight starts. Rumor has it that, while in training, he has broken his partners’ arms and knocked them out cold with the bokken, but due to a relentless rather than a malicious nature.

(Picture is – I believe – Emoto Akira as Toyotomi Hideyoshi in NHK's Taiga Drama "Koumei ga Tsuji.")

Matsu Haketa

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