Kanshigumi: The Ivory Lotus

Letters to the Governor

First Impressions

The first few days have already proven interesting. I seem to have left lasting impressions on my squad mates, though I can’t tell whether those impressions were good or bad. Genzaburo-San seems impartial to me, and to everyone else for that matter. My Crab brother, Narikatsu-sama, was pleasant, if somewhat distracted by the task of preparing Daikoku’s Smile to house the squadron. The Ikoma in charge of my patrol is hard to read, but I believe she and I will get along swimmingly, if only because we share a love of stories and mercantilism. The Soshi frightens me slightly. His tendency to hover and the fact that he always seems to be looking in my direction has me on edge.
No matter. Tonight is our first series patrol. We even have our first case- an enclave of monks calling themselves Mia’s Pen have been offering calligraphy lessons to the hemin, which seems out of place underneath the noses of the Daidoji masters of the quarter. In addition, Ikoma-sama had a difficult time finding anyone who had actually taken one of these lessons, until we investigated their headquarters, a ramshackle hut situated by a potter’s shop. Fortunately for us, the potter’s nightwatchman is supposedly taking the lessons, so we’re paying him a visit on our rounds tonight.
I am glad I have finally found a purpose. I shall see to it that you are not disappointed in your decision to assign me to the Kanshigumi.
Eternal gratitude,
Hida Takao


kitsuki Olothontor

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