Kanshigumi: The Ivory Lotus

First Encounters and the Tribulations Thereafter

    I've finally arrived at the capital, and have been detached from my envoy on orders from a superior who wants me in something called the Kanshigumi, to replace a member they lost for reasons I do not yet know. Something of a police force, attempting to mesh all of the different clans into cooperation. I find it doubtful that it will work, nor that it will last longer than a full year. But, orders are orders.


    These past few days have been interesting. I was thrown headfirst into an investigation of the murder of a common whore which the Kanshigumi had apparently been following for a few days before my arrival. I infiltrated the grounds of a suspect's house, one Matsumoto Kaido, with another member of the patrol, a rather boistrous Crab individual of questionable taste and morals. The investigation was not concluded immediately afterwards, as we found no conclusive evidence against the residing couple. We did, however, find evidence supporting the fact that one of that house's servants had done the deed, in order to protect the family honor, and to keep her master from disgracing himself on women other than his own. Other than that, patrols are really no different from long stretches of road. Nothing happens, although my squad leader insists on talking to a lot of the peasants. Most of them seem to like him well enough, although some of the firemen tend to give him looks. His association with the peasants is not something I find repulsive, as I imagine his superiors do, but rather something new and interesting. It is not often you find a bushi willing to talk to peasants, let alone associate with them on a friendly basis. Yoritomo-sama is certainly an interesting character, although pleasant, and rather compassionate in Kanshigumi's cause.


    The past week has been more than eventful. I witnessed the death of a comrade, the sole Unicorn in our squad. I then replaced him as Yoritomo-sama's second in command, something I mourned as well as rejoiced. I hope to fill his shoes adequately, as Yoritomo-sama seemed not to trust me just yet. Over the course of the Obon festival and dance, Taifu has begun to wear at my patience. He has proven himself to be exactly what he seemed to be when I first met him; a drunken oaf with the all the brains of a common rat. Granted, he is fast, and efficient in his stealth, but he must not be let near any vaguely alcoholic beverage. If I had not been assigned to watch him, he would have disgraced the Kanshigumi several times over. Suzume-san I much prefer, although she is very quiet. An able fighter, and a bit of a poet, both of which I can appreciate as a Daidoji. Also during my time here we caught a bunch of bandits attempting to smuggle things out of the city by disguising themselves as nobles. I must applaud them on their plan, it was clever indeed, but Yoritomo-sama had both the sense and stupidity to be look anyway. People normally have their heads floored. I took little delay in attacking when I was ordered to do so. We waylaid the bandits efficiently, and they were turned in to the Kitsuki.



kitsuki Bookkeeper

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